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Spiritual Wellness & Healing



Dr. Ali is a Certified Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School's ancient healings and teachings are over 3500 years old held in the Lineage of King Salomon. To learn more about the lineage holders and current status read more here.

The healings, clearings, and tools of empowerment that are offered in this path of progression will assist you in every aspect of your life to truly become your highest self. If you are seeking more meaning, purpose, and love out of your life these sessions are for you. They will enhance your clarity, energy levels, awareness, and ability to discern the next steps to achieving what you want more of in your life. 

There is something here for everyone. I look forward to working with you. 


Dr. Ali 


Life Activation

Life Activation is an ancient tool of empowerment. It has worked for thousands of years to assist people in aligning to their life purpose to live with deeper meaning and fulfillment. This 2 hour session is for anyone receiving a calling that there is more to life and are ready to shift to the next level.  


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Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation is the next step from Life Activation. This 90 min session will enhance your connection to your soul, it will balance your chakras and attune your brain to activating greater capacity and potential. It will also support your physical health, memory, and connection to your divinity to align with your Great Work. 


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Crystal Healing

This 60 min session will allow you to choose up to three healings for yourself. Once chosen, you will be able to rest comfortably lying down. This will be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating leaving you feeling calm and at peace. 


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Aura Healing

Your Aura is a spherical structure around you that is part of your physical body. This part of you allows you to sense and know a lot about people and your surrounding environments. Having this healing will help rid negative energy, improve your energy levels, clarity, and passion for life. This is a great 60 min session to boost your mood and enhance your mental health. 


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Crystal Reading

If you are looking for more clarity in your life, need more insight into making decisions or guidance to the next steps on your path this is a great 60 min session for you. You are able to ask up to three questions and information will be delivered to support you. 


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Cord Cutting 

Feeling tired? Drained? Have a rough conversation with someone and can't shake it? A cord-cutting is a fantastic tool to assist you in getting rid of cords that can develop from negative energy coming from people, places, or things.  This session will improve your clarity, focus, boundaries, and energy levels. You will improve your capacity to overcome obstacles and save time. This 60 min session is a great tool to support yourself in moving forward.


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Home Clearing

Do you have a place in your home or working area that feels off? A space where you need to turn on the lights or makes you feel uneasy? A place you don't go unless you have to? 

Let's clear that energy out to help you feel more at ease and at peace in your space.

Schedule a Free Consultation to share what's going on and I will provide supportive services that you can choose from. 

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Healing for Our Pets

Our pets need healing too. They often take on a lot of what we are feeling to help us. Healing sessions put animals at ease, decrease stress, and improve energy levels. They also can improve anxiety, worry, or behavioral challenges that are present. Book a free consultation with me to share what's going on with your pet and I will be happy to share what could help.

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