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Spiritual Wellness & Healing


To Master Thyself, You Must Know Thyself. If you are seeking a greater spiritual perspective or path, tools to assist you to be more empowered, healing to overcome any obstacles you are facing, and feel a calling to shift toward a deeper purpose in your life, I can help. 


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Holistic Physical Therapy


Are you in pain, stiff, or avoiding doing things because of physical limitations? Have you had your body assessed to make sure you are optimally aligned, balanced, and strong? Have you had scars or soft tissue assessed to make sure you are not at risk for injury? Have you had children? Are you an athlete?  

These are all reasons to see a physical therapist, and there are many more. If you said yes to any of these questions or know you need a tune-up to care for your body, I can help. I provide 1:1 tailored care to empower you to understand how to maximize your function for optimal health. 


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Classes & Retreats


To invest in yourself is the best investment possible. Having guidance through Classes & Retreats will assist you to break through your glass ceiling and create more prosperity in your life.  


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