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Pelvic Health Care  

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Caring for Your Pelvis 

Pelvic health care includes an array of supportive services to help your body function most optimally for you to thrive. It also will support you in feeling empowered and at peace in your mind, body, and spirit to receive the right care to help you overcome any fears, embarassment or doubt in your ability to heal. 

1:4 women have a pelvic floor impairment. You are not alone and this level of care is so important in reclaiming your power, confidence and passion in life. 

No one should suffer in silence or without this essential care. You are important and I am here to help! 


Dr. Ali 

Common Diagnosis


Labial Tear

Vaginal Tear

Rectal Tear 

Pelvic Floor Tear

Pelvic Pain 

Radicular Pain 

Pelvic Numbness 


Stress Incontinence 

Bladder and Bowel incontinence 

Coccyx Pain 

Painful Sex 


Post Surgical Care 


Low Back Pain

Hip Pain 

Pubic Pain 

Pubic Symphysis Pain 

Perineal Pain 

Abdominal Pain

Vulvar Pain






Abdominal Surgery 

Treatment Includes

Initial Visit:

90 Min Evaluation

Patient Interview of Symptoms/Current Limitations in Activity 

Medical History 

Gait Analysis: Assessment of Walking Pattern 

Assessment of Posture and Spinal Alignment 

Assessment of Pelvic Alignment

Internal Pelvic Floor Assessment if Consent Provided 

External Assessment of Vulva if Consent Provided 

Range of Motion of Joints or Areas Affected 

Soft Tissue Assessment: Analysis of Muscles and Fascia that are tight/restricted 

Scar Assessment if Present 

Assessment of Muscle Strength to Areas that are Symptomatic

Treatment: Provide Manual Therapy, Massage, Exercise and or Stretching to Relieve Symptoms

Tailored Home Care Plan for Patient with Educational Review:  What will Assist Patient in Correcting Pattern that is Causing Symptoms/Activity Limitation


Follow Up Visits:

60 Min Session

Includes manual therapy, massage, stretching, exercises, education and connection to hear how you are doing, any stress coming up and how you can be best supported 

Dr. Ali will determine with you frequency of visits to best support your needs and current symptoms. 




Care Options:

  1. Online: Evaluation & Follow Up Visit
  2. In Person Office: Evaluation & Follow Up Visits

Out of Network & Cash Pay Care


If you have Health Insurance that's great! You will likely get reimbursement for your visit. 

Step 1: Call your Insurance Provider and ask if they cover Out of Network Care. Then ask if they require a doctor referral for physical therapy. 

Step 2: If a doctor referral is required, please get that before your initial visit. 

Step 3. After each visit with me you will receive a special receipt to submit to your insurance company. If they also require a referral you will submit that too. The reimbursement will either go toward your deductible or back to you directly. 

You can use HSA, FSA, Credit and Debit for Online Payment

If it doesn't cover out of network then you can still see me as Cash Pay! 


Cash Pay 

You can see me anytime! Just Book Your Appointment!

 Note: If you are on Medicare I am legally not able to take cash. If you are needing good care I am happy to refer you to colleagues that I trust! 

 You can use HSA, FSA, Credit and Debit for Online Payment


Sliding Scale: For those with financial strains or students, please reach out! I have a great rate to offer so we can get you the care you need! Just send me a quick email and we can schedule you in. 

[email protected] 


Embrace Your Strength & Be Empowered 


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