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Full Spirit Activation


This session is the next step after Life Activation. Life Activation is a prerequisite to have this session completed. This 90 min session will help you to connect your conscious mind via different brain centers to your Soul. The Soul is vital to our purpose and path as it is our liaison to our highest self and helps us to fulfill our greatest service and destiny. This session also helps you connect to your physical body more, to have a deeper understanding of what needs to change in order to have better physical, mental and emotional health. It assists in memory, clarity, focus, intuition, and alignment to bring more of what you are here to do forward.

This is a beautiful modality that includes: 


Lotus Petal Balancing 

Chakra Awakening Protocol

Tree of Life Awakening 

Full Spirit Activation Itself


Also Includes:

Cord Cutting ($171 Value)

Spagyric ($50 Value)


This session is for you if you desire increased energy, rejuvenation of your soul, and greater awakening to live life more fulfilled!

Price Point: $410

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